Who We Are

We are an organic recycling company situated in North Lincolnshire, and Leicestershire. Our expertise is in the processing of food and beverage waste for delivery into anaerobic digestion, organic agricultural fertilisers, and extraction of oils for incorporation of bio-fuels or generation of power.

Formerly known as Bio-Waste Solutions from our incorporation in 2004, through to February 2017, we started our journey with windrow composting, the complimentary activity to our agricultural roots. During this time, our processes have evolved and we re-branded accordingly in 2017.

Bioganix Ltd

Our head office is located near Bonby, North Lincolnshire. This site was initially established for windrow composting and has evolved over time to incorporate a TAD (Thermophillic Aerobic Digestion) Plant, Oil extraction technology, and de-packaging plant and associated processing equipment. More recently we have welcomed Brigg Lane Biogas Ltd to site of which Bioganix Ltd are co-owners.

Bioganix (Welland) Limited

In 2017 Bioganix Ltd formed a new company ‘Bioganix (Welland) Limited’. This company was incorporated to mimic the operations currently undertaken by Bioganix Ltd, in Leicestershire. The site is owned by Welland Waste Management Ltd, an organic composting company. The site is also home to newly established Biomass plant. The synergies between the companies on site works well, and promotes renewable energy derived from ‘waste’.

The site is ideally located 5 miles east of the M1, and 3 miles north of the A14.

Anaerobic Digestion at Bonby

Construction of an Anaerobic Digestion plant commenced in 2017 on our site in North Lincolnshire. The plant is owned and operated by Brigg Lane Biogas Ltd of whom Bioganix Ltd have an interest. Bioganix are providing feedstock supply and digestate removal services to the plant. The plant has been commissioned and is due to begin exporting gas to grid at the end of November 2018.

Lewis Dodds

It was Lewis who founded Bioganix (formerly Bio Waste Solutions Ltd) in 2004, as part of a farm diversification strategy to reduce the use of inorganic fertilisers on farms and he has been a shareholder and our Managing Director since then. He has a strong farming and agricultural background having managed his family farm in Lincolnshire for over 30 years.

Lewis has always been keen to promote the benefits of Organic Manures, especially when they have been derived from a waste recycling process. Understandably, his farming background has proven to be very advantageous with regards to the application of such (including digestate) to agricultural Land.

More recently, and as Bioganix has grown over the years, Lewis also now enjoys the challenges of generating power from waste.

Clive Tyler

Clive has been a shareholder and Director of Bioganix since 2012. Clive has worked in the waste industry for 40+ years, owning and directing an independent successful liquid waste transport company that specialised in the application of agriculturally beneficial wastes to land.

Clive sold this company in 2015. His knowledge of the waste industry is vast and has complemented Bioganix’ vision entirely. His time spent within the industry has brought with it many introductions and as such, Clive is a great asset when looking at total waste management