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How Anaerobic Digestion Supports the Generation of Electricity

As highlighted on the Bioganix homepage, we have particular expertise in the conversion of food and beverage waste into anaerobic digestion for the incorporation of biofuels or generation of power. The biogas can be a major source of electricity for domestic and business use.

How Anaerobic Digestion Works

Anaerobic digestion (AD) begins with the transfer of organic materials to an airtight vessel containing microorganisms. The material is heated and transformed into a biogas, some of which may be extracted for later use. The remains can be processed and turned into ethanol, which is suitable for use as a vehicle biofuel or fertiliser.

Sources of anaerobic digestion include:

  • Manure (from cattle, swine, chickens etc.)
  • Wastewater biosolids (municipal sewage, sludge, food and beverage waste etc.)
  • Other organics (fats, oils, crop residue etc.)

Eco-friendly Energy Generation

Burned methane from the biogas is an environmentally-friendly alternative to fossil fuel energy. The generated electricity can be sold on to suppliers or transferred to the local grid. Ensuring a significant reduction in greenhouse gases, it is a form of electrical production likely to attract subsidies.

The AD generation of electricity has these advantages:

  • Although CO2 is produced in the burning of biogas, it is a renewable and carbon-neutral process
  • It is a good alternative to the solar and wind-based generation of renewable energy, because it isn’t weather-dependent
  • Being methane-rich, it prevents the release of this highly potent greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.

A well-understood process, the production of biogas has been reported as generating 3.5 Twh of electricity in the UK. There are said to be more than 650 AD plants, with more than ¾ of the generated electricity being sold on. There has also been a 17% increase in the amount transferred to the grid. It looks set to become an increasingly popular method, given the focus on sustainability.

Bioganix Playing a Key Role

Bioganix are among those leading the way in facilitating the generation of electricity through anaerobic digestion. With our operational processes producing an ideally suited biomass material, we are feeding a number of plants across the UK.

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