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How Bioganix Support Anaerobic Digestion

If you work on an AD plant then you’ll undoubtedly be aware of the many benefits of anaerobic digestion. You’ll realise the prospect of generating renewable energy. And you’ll appreciate that the remaining bio-fertiliser can be used as an effective natural alternative to fossil fuel derived fertilisers.

Unfortunately you might be lacking the resources needed to de-package material for the production of anaerobic feedstock, which can be fed directly into your plant. However, you can count on Bioganix for the decanting and processing of waste, whether it is delivered in a tanker, bulker, pallets, dolavs, or IBC.

Read on and find out more about the vital role that we play in the supply of AD plants.

Supplying AD Plants

Specialising in organic recycling, Bioganix has invested in a multitude of cutting edge equipment for the processing of different types of waste. This means that we’re able to extract organic material, which is perfect for the supply of Anaerobic Digestion facilities. We provide an essential source for the production of methane-rich biogas and generation of renewable power.

Bioganix have also installed an oil extraction plant, which enables us to extract oils and fats from organic waste streams. This means that we’re able to separate the solids suitable for anaerobic digestion and the fats and oils which can be used in the production of Bio-diesel and generation of eco-friendly energy.

Our environmental commitment expands to the use of green transport methods for the supply of the AD plants. In this way, we minimise the environmental impact both of our business and yours; making a positive difference to the achievement of waste disposal and energy consumption targets.

As trusted suppliers of AD plants, we play a vital role in the minimisation of waste to landfill and the realisation of a circular economy. We’re able to support in the conversion of used cooking oil, food waste; with materials being kept in rotation and energy being drawn exclusively from renewable sources. Motivated by the beneficial impacts of waste reduction, we’re even able to supply our surplus feedstocks to independent AD plants.

Get In Touch With Bioganix

If you’d like to discuss the arrangement of anaerobic digestion supplies to your AD plant then email or phone 01652 637803. We’ll be delighted to support your business in making the world that little bit greener.

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