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How Organic Recycling Benefits the Businesses of Lincolnshire

At a time when green business practices continue to dominate the headlines you may be wondering how your business can introduce mutually beneficial policies. As well as reducing the negative impact on the planet, our expert organic recycling services bring several key benefits to Lincolnshire businesses.

Learn more in our guide to the benefits of organic recycling.

Future-proof Your Business

There is speculation that 2023 could see significant legislative changes introduced. This would affect the everyday processes that food producers and related businesses have to adopt in compliance with English law.

According to Open Access Government, “mandatory separate food waste collections, with a targeted 75% recycling rate by 2030” are being considered. This would affect many Lincolnshire businesses. Would your company or organisation be ready to introduce these changes?

Preparing for the possible introduction of these increased measures shouldn’t be seen as a wasted opportunity. It will show the wider community that you are supporting the reduction of the UK’s carbon footprint. As a certified member of the ISCC scheme, we are here to help future-proof your business, avoiding future scrutiny or potential fines.

Become Environmentally Greener

You could emphasise the environmental friendliness of your company within the marketing for your business. But what might this mean in practice?

As an attractive selling point for many environmentally-minded customers and other businesses, organic recycling will elevate your reputation in Lincolnshire and beyond. As well as enhancing your public relations, submitted tenders and bids for funding may attract more positive interest. In partnering with Bioganix you stand to boost your reputation

The adoption of organic recycling might also help in the attraction and retention of quality employees, with today’s emerging workforce being energised by sustainable initiatives. This has been supported by a Talent People survey, with 68% of 1,000 young employees saying that “they’d like to work for an employer that is doing something positive for the future of our planet”.

Looking to reduce your recruitment costs? By choosing to implement organic recycling as a core business policy, you can foster employee loyalty amongst those you hire. They will then become key advocates for your brand.

Improving the Experience of Life in Lincolnshire

At Bioganix we help to preserve the experience of living and working in Lincolnshire – the agricultural heart of England. The transfer of organic waste, such as food and beverages, to landfill is known to have a variety of negative impacts on the land.

These include:

  • Becoming an eyesore on the landscape
  • Generating unpleasant odours
  • Releasing methane emissions (a greenhouse gas)
  • Occupying areas that could be used to grow food
  • Endangering local wildlife.

Based partly within North Lincolnshire, our organic recycling services will not only benefit your company’s financial, marketing and recruitment bottom lines. We are proud to help Lincolnshire continue to be an amazing place to work, farm, and live.

Looking for a Trusted Organic Recycling Service?

With our main site located near Bonby, we are strategically placed to serve more of this great county’s clients. Always happy to share the benefits of our services with interested businesses, we encourage you to give us a call on 01652 637803 or email for the arrangement of a site visit.

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