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No More Downtime: The Single Biggest Benefit Of Letting Bioganix Manage Your Waste Recycling

There’s a simple guarantee we like to make to all of the companies we work with…

And we believe it’s an assurance you should always seek out when it comes to choosing the right company to help manage your waste recycling.

What is it?


We guarantee you’ll never have to worry about ‘downtime’ when it comes to recycling your waste.

You see, with any other waste recycling company, there’s always a risk their systems can go down and leave you stranded.

Fact is, waste recycling can present a real challenge to the various machinery used in the different processes involved in sorting different types of waste, so it’s something to always consider.

Especially when you think about the disruption a backlog of waste could cause.

The last thing you want to hear from the people who are meant to be taking care of your waste recycling is that they can’t take your waste because they’ve not got the room at their plant.

It’s the fundamental reason you hired them in the first place.

If they can’t take care of your waste…

What’s the point?

A Point Of Pride

This is why we pride ourselves on being one of the only waste recycling companies able to provide this guarantee.

When you hire us to organise your waste recycling, you won’t ever have to worry about downtime.

But you might be wondering…

Why not?

How are we able to offer such a guarantee when so few other waste recycling firms aren’t able to do so?

Well, it’s because unlike our competitors…

We have access to a number of different plants around the UK.

We’re Able To Support Your Waste Recycling Across Numerous Locations

We currently have plants ideally located in Leicestershire and Lincolnshire and are even looking to open a third near Nottingham.

But as it stands, because we have two plants in operation, we’re always able to take care of your waste recycling.

If there ever is a problem at one plant, we’re able to quickly shift your work to the other.

It means you can avoid having to deal with any delays or increased costs that might otherwise result.

So, whatever challenge you might be facing when it comes to your waste recycling…

From liquid and solid waste processing to anaerobic digestion and oil extraction…

Here at Bioganix, we’ve got you covered.

And because we’re able to guarantee you no downtime, you know you can rely on us to organise your waste recycling cost-effectively and efficiently.

In fact, because of the way we work, we can actually help you with any type of waste you might need to recycle, not just food.

By far the best way to see just how much of a difference we could make to your current waste recycling arrangements is to organise an initial site visit.

This way we can learn more about the waste challenges you face and offer specific advice on how we can help you overcome them.

It won’t cost you a penny for us to come and visit you and you’re under no obligation to work with us if we do.

So, don’t hesitate to get in touch…

You can reach us on 01652 637803 or email at and we’ll take it from there.

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