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Organic Waste Disposal: Bioganix Equipped to Take Care of Your Organic Food Waste, Including Category 3 ABPs

It’s important that any organic waste you might need to dispose of is handled in the right way.

Specifically, when it comes to disposing of animal by-products (or ABPs as they’re most often referred too) there are a number of specific steps you need to take to make sure it’s done hygienically and in accordance with the law.

Indeed, it’s necessary to dispose of such waste at a site that is approved to do so.

The good is, both of our plants at Bonby and in Nottingham are approved sites for Category 3 ABPs and have been for some time.

It means we are able to help you dispose of any organic waste in this category safely and hygienically.

So, if you need to dispose of Category 3 waste, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

You can reach us on 01652 637803 or email at and we’ll take it from there.

What animal by-products are included in Category 3?

Of course, if you’re not sure what category your organic waste falls into, you can always get in touch with us and we’ll happily figure it out for you and advise accordingly.

But to give you an idea of whether your organic waste falls into Category 3, here’s the official line from the government.

As per government guidance, Category 3 APBs include:

  • carcasses or body parts passed fit for humans to eat, at a slaughterhouse
  • products or foods of animal origin originally meant for human consumption but withdrawn for commercial reasons, not because it’s unfit to eat
  • domestic catering waste
  • shells from shellfish with soft tissue
  • eggs, egg by-products, hatchery by-products and eggshells
  • aquatic animals, aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates
  • hides and skins from slaughterhouses
  • animal hides, skins, hooves, feathers, wool, horns, and hair that had no signs of infectious disease at death
  • processed animal proteins (PAP)

You can find the full list on the government website here.

As we say, it’s important than any waste which includes items on this list are disposed of in the correct way and done so on sites like ours that are approved to do so by the government.

Get in touch to discuss your organic waste and more

So, if you’re looking to dispose of organic waste and you specifically need to organise the appropriate disposal animal by-products that fall into category three, get in touch.

You can reach us on 01652 637803 or email at and we’ll take it from there.

That said, one thing we do try to do is arrange a visit to your site first so we’re able to carry out an assessment of the waste you do have and how we could best handle it for you.

Of course, when we do, we adhere to all the necessary social distancing measures in place, and in the region, so everyone stays safe.

We know this is a big challenge right now and do all we can to help.

Indeed, by assessing your whole waste disposal requirement, we are able to learn more about the specific challenges you face and offer tailored advice on how we can help you overcome them.

It won’t cost you a penny for us to come and visit you and you’re under no obligation to work with us if we do.

We’re only ever a quick call away on 01652 637803 or you can email at

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