Generating Renewable Energy

The result of our operational processes is a biomass material ideal for supply to Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facilities used to generate renewable energy. Bioganix currently feed several AD plants in the UK.

Our biomass or ‘feedstock’ helps to produce methane-rich biogas within the plants, and a resultant digestate end product that can be used as fertiliser, suitable for organic farming systems.

Feedstocks Available for Independent AD Plants

Bioganix Ltd share in the ownership of an AD plant on our site in North Lincolnshire, operated by Brigg Lane Biogas Ltd, and also have shared ownership of an AD plant in Nottingham operated by Bio Dynamic UK Ltd’. Bioganix Ltd feed both of these plants.

Whilst we have our own plants to feed, we do have surplus feedstocks available for independent AD plants, so if you are looking for feedstock, please contact us today.