Food Waste Collection Service

Food waste is a major issue for restaurants, pubs, and cafes. Hospitality accounts for almost half of all food waste, with the equivalent of 320 million meals being thrown away each year.

This takes a massive toll on the environment, with the 3.3 billion tonnes of generated carbon dioxide accelerating climate change.

However, Bioganix is making a positive difference in offering our food waste collection service to hospitality businesses across Lincolnshire.

How Our Food Waste Collection Service Works

Our food waste management service is super simple. Just get in touch for a free quote based on the amount of waste being produced by your business. We’ll allocate a suitable number of bins and agree an emptying schedule.

Bioganix bins can be used for the collection of:

  • Food past its sell-by or use-by date
  • Expired foods that aren’t safe for consumption
  • Leftovers from plated meals
  • Preparation waste (such as fruit and vegetable peelings)
  • Food that has spoiled during preparation.

We will empty your bin(s) and line with new bags. Your waste will then be efficiently and economically transferred to an anaerobic plant for conversion into renewable energy.