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The Business Benefits of Food Waste Management

The increase in the wealth of the general population has been combined with a reduction in the price of food over the last 40 years.

This trend has resulted in the increased commodification of food, with an estimated one-third of the world’s produce being lost or wasted each year.

In previous times, much of the waste was dumped on landfill sites, with the resulting release of environmentally-damaging emissions.

However, Bioganix are leading the way in the effective conversion of food waste into valuable resources and the minimisation of harmful environmental impacts.

Keep on reading to discover the array of business benefits associated with our waste management services.

Anaerobic Digestion

Bioganix specialise in the processing of food and beverage waste for delivery into anaerobic digestion, organic agricultural fertilisers, and extraction of oils for incorporation of bio-fuels or generation of power.

Our food waste processing procedures result in the creation of a biomass material that is ideally suited to the supply of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facilities. Subsequent heating allows for the production of biogas and biofertiliser which can be re-used.

International organisations such as Friends of the Earth and the National Farmers Union recognise anaerobic digestion as the first-choice for the recycling of food waste and reduction of the carbon footprint.

Anaerobic digestion results in the creation of carbon neutral energy and digestate suitable for, soil amendments, and livestock bedding. It is an environmentally friendly means of generating heat, electricity, and fuel.

The process of anaerobic digestion also offers good financial returns, with the UK government and European Union Directive offering financial incentives to businesses limiting the amounts of food waste sent to landfill.

Biodiesel Production

Our purpose-made oil extraction facility enables us to separate valuable oils and fats from natural waste products.

The extracted bio-oil is suitable for use as a low-sulfur fuel or additional refinement for the production of high-performance biofuels.

This process also results in the production of biomethane, CO2, and purified water; which can then be used for improved irrigation and production.

The use of biogas is associated with the improvement of energy security and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Business Publicity

As news of the significant environmental impact has spread, so there has been an increased public focus on the importance of efficient food waste management.

International organisations such as the United Nations have raised awareness of the environmental impact and pledged to substantially reduce food waste around the world.

Businesses can boost their reputations through the sharing of news about the adoption of eco-friendly waste management methods.

Such positive publicity can have a beneficial impact on relationships with eco-conscious customers and stakeholders.

Contact Bioganix

With the capacity for various types of food waste, Bioganix can help you to realise the types of benefits covered in this blog.

We accept a range of packaged goods, endeavouring to recycle wherever possible for minimal environmental impact.

Using eco-friendly transportation and handling methods, we are able to enhance the green credentials of our business and yours.

Get in touch for a no-obligation chat about our food waste management services.

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