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The Importance of Reducing Food Waste Landfill

Customers of Bioganix will know that we take our environmental responsibilities extremely seriously. Indeed, we consider it our mission to support the government in realising the aim of zero waste being sent to landfill. There has been substantial progress in recent years; with a reduction of over two million tonnes in the amount of food waste being transferred to landfill. However, there’s still much to be done; as food products still account for around 20% of all waste in landfill sites.

Keep on reading to further your understanding of this major environmental issue and the positive steps being taken by Bioganix.

Significant Environmental Impacts

The most effective method of cutting the amount of food waste sent to landfill would be to stop producing it in the first place. However, food preparation activities will inevitably result in the continued generation of such waste. Whether in the form of stalks, cores, or husks, the waste must be broken down, with a resulting impact on the environment.

The food waste that is sent to landfill sites must be wrapped in plastic bags. These tied bags are placed together and left to build up over time. Unfortunately this method is ineffective when it comes to the natural breakdown of food. Being trapped without air, the food waste releases environmentally harmful methane. Apart from being a major contributor to global warming, the landfill dumping of food waste also results in the contamination of soil and ground-water.

Other harmful effects of landfill food waste disposal include:

  • Irreversible damage of environmental ecosystems
  • Pollution of surrounding areas
  • Consumption of unsafe food waste by local wildlife
  • Environmental costs of transportation and site management.

Bioganix Play A Key Role

While the environmental impacts of landfill are undeniable, there are a number of benefits associated with effective food waste management. The realisation of the zero food waste to landfill objective would prevent 27m tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) from entering the atmosphere. It would also allow for the return of over 1.3 tonnes of valuable nutrients to the soil and the generation of over 1Twh of electricity (sufficient to generate the power for more than 600,000 homes.)

Bioganix offer a variety of eco-friendly services, ensuring that the best possible use is made of generated food waste. We specialise in the processing of food and beverage waste into anaerobic digestion, organic agricultural fertilisers, and extraction of oils for incorporation of biofuels or generation of power. Able to accept food waste and packaged goods in formats such as glass, plastic, and cardboard; we lead the way when it comes to the realisation of international landfill reduction targets.

Our food and beverage waste management services include:

  • Efficient and economical waste transportation
  • Creation of biomass, ideal for supply to Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facilities
  • Oil extraction involving the separation of fats and oils for the creation of biodiesel and generation of power.

If you’d like to find out more about our range of eco-friendly services then please give us a call on 01652 637803 or email

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