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Three Unexpected Ways Bioganix Could Help You Save Money On Waste Recycling

You need to recycle your food and beverage waste…

But you want to do it in an efficient and cost-effective way.

It’s why – here at Bioganix – we’re always looking for different ways to help knock a little off your waste recycling costs.

In fact, we’ve identified here three ways we could specifically help you cut costs in ways other companies might not be able to compete.

First up…

We Can Take Care Of All Of Your Waste

We’re unique in many ways…

But perhaps most importantly, when it comes to saving you money, the way we work here at Bioganix means we can find a home for pretty much any waste you have.

Sure, we specialise in food and beverage waste, but we’re able to help organise the recycling of anything else you might have on site.

Fact is: we could well find a waste recycling option for items on your site you didn’t even realise you could recycle.

It’s why, with every new client we work with, in the first instance we look to organise a full site visit.

The site visit doesn’t cost you anything and by organising one you’re not obliged to even use our services.

But being able to assess your whole site, we might be able to advise you on much broader waste recycling options.

In turn, it could mean we’re able to offer you a much better deal on your food and beverage waste, saving you a fair bit in the process.

But that’s not all…

We Can Recover Oil From Your Waste

Like I pointed out before…

We’re always looking for ways we can help make your waste recycling more efficient and more cost-effective.

It’s why, in 2009, we installed oil extraction facilities.

This is important because it allows us to separate fats and oils from solid waste.

These fats and oils can then be transferred for use in creating bio fuels.

This is great news for you because we’re able to use the oils from your waste to offset the cost of your waste recycling.

Basically, if we can recover excess oil from your waste – you get your waste recycled cheaper.

Sounds good, right?

To find out more about how it works and see if the waste you’re recycling will produce excess oils, give us a call on 01652 637803 and we can organise a site visit to assess your waste  streams.

Two Sites Are Better Than One


If the plant you’re using for your food and beverage recycling goes down…

You’re stuck.

Frankly, there’s virtually nothing you can do but wait until the issue is fixed and the plant is back up and running.

This could mean huge delays and increased costs.

Not good.

But when you come on board and let us take care of your food and beverage waste, it’s not something you’ll ever need to worry about.

You see, we’re able to spread our work between two plants, one in Leicestershire and one in Lincolnshire.

It means if there ever is a problem at one of our plants, we’re able to shift your work to the other and make sure you avoid having to deal with any delays or increased costs.

Of course, despite these three great cost-saving ideas…

It’s not all about saving you money.

With some of the best anaerobic digestion facilities in the country, we believe we’re ideally positioned to provide you with the most effective waste recycling support available.

And as we pointed out before…

The best way to see just how we can help you is to organise an initial site visit so we can learn more about the waste challenges you face and offer specific advice on how we can help you overcome them.

So, don’t hesitate to get in touch…

You can reach us on 01652 637803 or email at and we’ll take it from there.

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