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Why Food & Beverage Products Might Be Deemed Unsuitable for Market Re-entry

Food and beverage producers, we can protect your reputation after a ‘food safety incident’ resulting in such products being deemed unsuitable for market re-entry. The Food Standards Agency notes that these incidents happen “when concerns around the safety or quality of food (and/or feed) are raised”.

Performing our secure destruction service with discretion, we issue a certificate for peace of mind once completed. But when might you opt for this service in the first place? Manage your brand’s reputation by discovering five times when food and drink items should be destroyed.

Following Customer Complaints

Does your packaging feature a customer helpline number or email address? Thanks to modern-day consumer rights and increased awareness, customers are encouraged to complain when they have been less than happy with the quality of the items consumed.

You can contain the situation by listening to this customer feedback. Act swiftly to withdraw the food in question and publicise recall efforts, to limit any health risks and protect yourself against legal action.

After a Product Recall

Mistakes happen and sometimes a particular batch of food or drink products can be flagged as being poor quality or potentially dangerous to public health.

The reasons for product recalls include the following discoveries:

  • Metal or sharp objects
  • Gluten in non-gluten food
  • Nuts found in nut-free products.

Rather than risk your customers’ health, issuing a product recall to customers who have purchased these items is always the best strategy.

Damaged Packaging

Not only will torn packaging look messy and impact your brand’s standing. It can also pose a health hazard that needs to be contained. You want to avoid poor public relations and viral social media stories posted by angry customers.

Unsealed packaging will also contribute to your product’s early demise, increasing the risk of infestations. So, whilst you may make a financial loss in destroying stock, you will ensure the integrity of your production and distribution sites in terms of hygiene.

Expired Food and Beverages

With so much focus today on food waste, it can feel difficult to mark certain items as fit for secure destruction. However, it’s always the right decision to dispose of stock that has gone beyond the best before or expiry date listed on its packaging.

Delays at the logistics and distribution stages can contribute to this situation, but it is always best for your customers and your business to recall old produce. Don’t assume that customers will be able to detect any mold or bacteria before consuming, as most are invisible to the naked eye. Yet, there is still a risk involved to health if expired food is eaten.

Contamination Concerns

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the risk of germs and bacteria. Sometimes, entire production site workforces can experience a sickness bug or infection. It’s therefore essential to have protocols and processes in place should you receive any reports of illness.

Or, as one recent news story highlighted, bacteria such as Listeria can cause whole batches to be recalled. Whatever the cause, businesses need to ensure that the products they bring to market are hygienic and safe for their customers.

Our professional processing of food and beverage waste is always discrete; preventing spoiled items from becoming wasted resources. Contact us or call 01652 637803 to see how we can transform these ruined or poorly packaged items (through anaerobic digestion) into organic agricultural fertilisers and bio-fuels.

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